My dad came back from his trip in China and the first thing he bought is a fedora

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Assassin’s Creed Unity Meets Parkour in Real Life -video-


well damn

Anonymous asked: ahh I'm sorry but I'm too shy to show myself qvq; But yeah your hair looks lovely~ And the colour is really nice too uvu!! Plus your new haircut really suits you! Anyways, I hope you have a lovely day ava~!!

Oooh its okay Anon I totes understand!! ouob

Aaaaaaaa thank you so much again!! Heh yeah actually im kinda proud of my hair colour, since its natural and pretty rare for asians hahah

Yeh i hope you have a rad day yo you rock anon!!

Anonymous asked: Just wanted to say that you're a really cool n cute dude n you're hella funny (/qvq)/ I'm also jealous of your hair oh my goodness

Who you be anon???? 8O

Andnomfg thank you so muchh for the compliments!! Well not sure bout the funny part tho, but i try to be, i love being a goofball and entertain people uvu/~***
And my thankyouuu! Never really thought people would find my hair cool aaaaa confidence boost 300++++

Why is fuck a rude world its only just the F U C and K letters together without space


AAAAAAAAHH~ All this reblogging about Cardcaptor Sakura is making me want to watch it again! It’s been ages! That or read the manga, because there’s a no watching youtube/videos rule in this house. It chews up our internet usage. D:

OMgg YEEESss this series gave me so many feels back then, I watched it when I was 10. And now still do ughh this series melts my heart and made me feel very hopeful about everything! <D

And yessss I’m so happy to have people to talk to about CCS ashdkajdl and im so surprised to find so many people love this series a lot too ;v;

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SyaoSaku trying to confess their feelings

yes im my fav CCS char